Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My other blog "no longer listed as suspicious"

Okay, my other blog is safe to visit again. I will restore all the links to it from this blog. informs me that someone was using their adserver to distribute malware (no duh!), but they have stopped it. Their advice was "clear your cache." Not just that, I installed Malwarebytes (free version)  on my computer and ran it. I really recommend it. Here's the link for Malwarebytes. It found 15 instances, not necessarily all malware, but none of it was welcome. (A few months ago, my daughter's laptop got infected with that phony "Security Shield" malware that masquerades as anti-virus software and totally takes over your computer and asks for credit card info. I found out how to fix it from a page at They provide detailed instructions for stopping the infection and cleaning it out with Malwarebytes.)

Here's Google's report on my other blog:

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