Saturday, June 30, 2012

One Day Build: Star Blazers Mini No. 8

There's a sub-forum at Starship Modeler Forum called "The One-Day Build Challenge." I started my one-day build at 10:05 PM, and it's the Comet Empire single-deck carrier from the Bandai mini kit series. So far, I've assembled four of the pieces (which number 13 including the stand). These are the upper and lower hulls, which will stay separate for painting. I've filled and sanded and sprayed on a coat of Tamiya primer. It doesn't look too bad. I wasn't going to modify it at all, but on both sides of the upper hull the kit is missing some sort of missile tube or intake--I can't tell what it's supposed to be--but it coincides with the sprue attachment points, and it wasn't a whole lot more work to hollow it out than to just clean it up. More pictures later, for now just the before picture of the unstarted kit next to my cellphone showing the time and date.

To be continued...

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