Sunday, March 17, 2013

SRS Prototyping Figure: Mirror Universe Col. Green

Scott Spicer of SRS Prototyping has his Mirror Universe Col. Green figure out now. You may remember the character from the TOS episode "The Savage Curtain" (and the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Demons"). The story is he's the emperor of Earth around the mid 21st century, but in the Mirror Universe. He's a genius--he invented the shield generator he's wearing on his back--and he's still evil. I'd expect his alternative actions gave rise to the mirror universe.

The figure stands 4.25" tall, which is about 1/18 scale if we allow Col. Green is over six feet tall, which seems probable since he's genetically superior. (I'm over six feet tall myself, so I should know!) He's molded with a separate head, which can be posed, and right arm holding a space helmet, which cannot. His Imperial dagger and officer's sword are also molded separately, and a base is provided with the Imperial logo laser etched by Laserfire Creations. The whole thing is $16 plus shipping.

I got another figure from Scott at Jerseyfest last August (here she is) so I knew what the quality of his work was, and also had a sneak peek at Col. Green then. Now that I have the figure in my grubby little hands, I can tell you the quality is outstanding. It will need very little cleanup of mold seams--the one on the right side of his neck is the only one you could even feel if you ran your thumb over it. I assembled the arm to the figure and fit is perfect. A tiny bit of filler will make the seam where his arm attaches disappear.

The pose is amazingly lifelike--it's just how someone stands loaded down with equipment. The face is not a likeness of either actor who played Col. Green, but is also beautifully sculpted and has a mirror universe goatee, which makes him look to me a bit like Kodos the Executioner. There is a wealth of detail on the suit--the soles of the boots even have tread. There's a net of some sort over the faceplate of the helmet, and I recall asking Scott about it and he just thought it looks cool. It does. It's not logical, but it's cool.
I don't have time right now for this figure, but very soon. I'm contemplating hogging out the helmet--it's already mostly hollow--and replacing the opaque faceplate with a clear vacuformed one, and adding scratchbuilt detail to the inside of the helmet. However, this would double the time it would take to complete the figure. I'm also considering constructing a small diorama with metal catwalk for him to stand on. It would allow you to see him from more directions and view the soles of his boots. The base with the Imperial logo would be on the wall behind him.

Anyway, I highly recommend this figure!


  1. Scott's father, Ron Spicer created the sculpture of "Col. Green." Originally named, David Smith, Star Pilot (Terran World Warrior) for the Superior Models Fantasy 9000 Series 90mm, This, and five other characters were developed to help give a background story of the races involved in the miniature wargame, Starfleet Wars (1978).

    1. That's very interesting. Scott didn't tell me the story of this figure, though he did tell me about his father sculpting the Ta-Opet figure.