Monday, May 20, 2013

KBoP Part 21: Completed! And at Wonderfest 2013

There are more pictures of this model at Modelers Miniatures and Magic.

Here's a bit of video I shot at Wonderfest of the finished KBoP to show the lighting effects. Doesn't quite show all the lighting but I'll post more later. I was shocked when it won Gold in the Vehicles category and Best Round 2 Model Kit Adult Division. I knew darned well what things were wrong with this build--maybe they're minor but there are plenty of defects. I guess the fact that it's a Klingon ship let me get away with things that would be unacceptable on a Federation ship.

Halleluia! Blogger and YouTube are talking to each other again, so I can embed my video. It's always the kids who get hurt when the parents can't get along. Here's another short video showing all of the lighting effects. In Deutschland ist dieses Video möglich gesperrt wegen des Urheberrechts der Musik. Sie ist Beethovens Symphonie Nr. 7, zweiter Satz. (I really like Beethoven's Symphony No. 7, especially the second movement, and it sounds a lot better than what the video camera recorded: my breathing and air conditioner noise.)

Here's a longer video that shows all the lighting effects along with my boring narration where I explain the things I did with this model.

As I said, I'll take more pictures and video and add them to this blog post in the next few days. I actually finished this model on Saturday morning in my room at the Crowne Plaza upstairs from Wonderfest, and what photos I took were of other people's stuff.

Here's a progress shot of the boarding ramp with photoetched railing mounted on wire stanchions. I also added additional detail (hydraulic lines?) to the landing gear legs.

You can see into the landing gear bay and the entryway with the warp core in it. The Y-shaped bracing strut that comes in the kit is replaced by a part fabricated with brass to look like a hydraulic cylinder. You can see it extending toward the right  from the landing gear strut starting at the center of the picture. The rod is still bare brass in this photo but I subsequently painted it Metallizer Buffing Stainless Steel.
The wings on the KBoP are hinged (obviously!) but the AMT kit doesn't have any visible hinges. There are hinges on the studio model, but naturally their location makes them hard to see in photographs. I scratchbuilt these hinges out of styrene stock to fit in the gaps between the wings and hull behind the baffles.
Here's a view of the installed hinge on the port side.
And the starboard one.

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