Monday, May 7, 2012

PGMS Cutaway Starship Photo-etch Set, Part 1

Guess what just came in the mail? The new photo-etch set from ParaGrafix Modeling Systems for the AMT cutaway Enterprise (AMT kit 8790)! I got it for free, not 'cause I'm some modeling whiz, but because I won a contest on the Starship Modeler forum. To be nice, I thought I'd show it off so you can consider if you want to get one. Here's what you get:

You get a nice crisp sheet of brass photoetched parts about 4.2" X 5.7", along with a clearly illustrated instruction sheet (printed both sides) with references to the AMT kit parts that the photoetched parts augment or replace. The set comprises parts for the buzzard collector rotors (suitable for motorization), grilles for the inner sides of the warp nacelles and for the upper sides of the warp pylons, the grilles for the sides of the secondary hull on either side of the navigational deflector housing, the bussard collector clamps (those little details, three of which ring the bussard collector dome on the front of each warp nacelle), the rear face of the impulse engine, and a detailing set for the bridge (part 26 in the AMT kit). The parts for the bridge include a replacement for the upper panels around the starboard side of the bridge and a replacement for the missing wall around the port side of the bridge. This includes everything from the turbolift to the main viewer, with consoles.

This is what part 26 looks like on the tree, right next to the port nacelle. You can see there's a whole side missing. Maybe you can't tell, but the captain's chair and the navigation/helm console is there, in the center well. Pretty basic.

I'll be working on just the bridge for an upcoming post. Hopefully, it will be up in the next 48 hours.

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