Thursday, May 10, 2012

Prosthetic Made Entirely with Modeling Supplies

Back in January, I injured my thumb with a power drill while driving in drywall screws. It takes nails a heck of a long time to grow out and heal up, and for a while I've had this piece of thumbnail that keeps getting caught on things. That doesn't feel good, but it would really hurt if it got caught forcefully and did more damage to the nail. Until recently, all I needed to do was keep putting superglue in there (sometimes with accelerator).

Now it's grown out enough that just supergluing it won't work. Here's my prosthesis. It's sort of like fake nails they put on in a salon.

Here's how I made it. First, I put a rubber glove on that hand. I used a heat gun to soften a piece of sheet styrene and smash-molded it over the thumb. The heat of the plastic smarted even with the glove on.

I cut out the thumbnail shaped piece of styrene, superglued it to my thumb, filed it, and painted it with a mix of Model Master enamels: Panzer Interior Buff and RLM 23 red. Now part of me is a model.

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