Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Klingon Bird of Prey Revisited (Part 5)

Since last time I've been adding detail to the whole area of the boarding ramp and lnading gear. Here's a view of the underside showing the new ramp.

Another view of the ramp. Maybe you can see the cool tread pattern. No?

How about now?
Okay, you can definitely see the tread pattern here! I did it by cutting Evergreen scribed sheet. Some has grooves with .025" spacing and some .020" spacing. The finer spaced sheet I cut on an angle so the ends of the grooves would line up with the wider spaced grooves of the center strip.

Here's a view of the center bay which I modified to accept a scratchbuilt warp core I designed for this. Notice the landing gear bay is opened. It's too shallow to accept the feet, which I figure must fold together the way a book closes. The bays are getting scratchbuilt extensions to make them deep enough. It also makes a bigger canvas for detailing.
As promised, here's the warp core installed. It's a snug fit.
Another view of the underside, this time with the warp core and one landing gear.
Here is a view of the built-up box that forms part of the deepened landing gear bays, made from .060" styrene. It's got some internal bracing for alignment and rigidity. Some of the plumbing is visible: it's made from paperclips and staples bent to shape.
Another view of the detailing.
Part 56 (the ramp, next to right) had a sinkhole because it's a thick part. I replaced it with the center section of part 42, which is the underside dome for the gear-up version. I just cut it out with a razor saw and proceeded to add an improved ramp.
Part 57 is this Y-shaped strut, two of which attach to the main struts. The instructions are vague about how to install it, and after some test-fitting, I realized there was no way to make it fit without bending. So I decided to come up with a replacement: brass wire and tubing, modified to resemble a hydraulic cylinder. I did test fitting and drilled holes in the hull so these will fit.

Next time, more of the same. Ho-hum!

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