Monday, October 1, 2012

Klingon Bird of Prey, continued (Part 6)

It's been a while since the last post, but I've been a-workin' on it.

Let's back up a bit. Here's how it looked earlier this evening.

There's a lot of added detail since last time, including an open sliding door, and lots more structural detail and plumbing.
Something still being added while these pictures were being taken was ribs in the landing gear bays.
The ceiling in the entryway has its own texture, made from mosquito screen.
The doorway in the bulkhead at the top of the ramp is not rectangular, but a polygon shape consisting of a center rectangle with trapezoidal extensions on both sides, typical of doors on Star Trek after TOS. It makes it look more like some kind of cargo door, and is more visually interesting. A door the same shape as the opening is sandwiched in there. Hopefully, the doorway will be visible in the finished model
I really needed to primer this to see what I've got, so I hit it with a coat of Tamiya primer.
Fortunately the primer didn't overpower the detail. Some of the detail added recently includes two White Ensign Models 1:350 ship ladders, both visible in this picture.
You may notice the ladder with handrails is installed upside down. It's intended to go up a bulkhead of a ship with the handrails going above the upper deck, but I wanted it hanging down in front of the warp core. There's a square hole in the ceiling that the ladder goes up through.

A view as it would appear looking up the ramp.
And the detailed part test fitted into the lower hull, with the ramp installed.
And again...
and again.

Next time, it'll be painted...

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  1. Dude that is INCREDIBLE work there, I am so glad you posted it for others to see.....;-)