Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Klingon Bird of Prey, continued (Part 7)

Since last time... This scratchbuilt stuff needed a coat of paint to pull it together, so here's a look at it. The main interior color is Polly Scale Panzer Red-Brown with a wash of Grimy Black and dry brushed with their Panzer Dark Yellow mixed with white. Of all the paints I've used, Polly Scale acrylics are about my favorite for brushing. This dull brick red fits into the Klingon palette of colors, and it contrasts with the green that will be the predominant exterior color. The warp core is Testors Gunmetal acrylic.

Here's a side view. The enclosure of the gear bay isn't complete yet, and it should be obvious why: how would I paint it?
Here's the other side. You can see the ramp has been painted Metallizer Burnt Metal with a little buffing, concentrated in a path up the center of the ramp.
Here are a couple of pieces of the gear bays, prepainted before installation.
And here's a view of the interior looking up the ramp.

Next time: lighting with LEDs and fiber optics.

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