Sunday, November 6, 2011


Here's some photos of the AMT Klingon Bird of Prey that I built sometime in the mid '90s. It's straight out of the box except for opened windows and lighting modifications. Current is supplied for three circuits from the homemade base via the brass tube. One circuit is for a Christmas tree bulb in the forward hull (with an access hatch for bulb replacement) and tiny miniature navigation lights and headlights in the leading edge of the wing roots. A second circuit with a push button is for a red LED photon torpedo launcher. The third is for an automotive bulb for engine glow. This once had a circuit board I designed and built to supply a slowly oscillating voltage to the engine light to make it pulsate. None of these are in operation in the following photos--this gives me something to do in the future.

Naturally if I were lighting this kit nowadays, I'd probably use only LEDs. Painting is pretty much by memory, supplemented by imagination, from having watched ST:III and IV; the decals left something to be desired and I left them off.

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