Sunday, November 6, 2011


Some Robotech mecha, 1/144 scale, straight out of the box builds from the early ‘nineties. I'm no expert and my memory isn't reliable, but I believe these are all Bandai molds that were repackaged by Testors. Revell also repackeged them: I have one unbuilt Revell 2-in-1 kit. I recall they're held together with a screw, which I puttied over.

I wasn't interested in reproducing the mecha in the Macross sage. Frankly, since Star Blazers back in the '70s, I haven't followed any anime series too closely. I did however enjoy playing Battletech in the 'eighties, and painted these accordingly.

I did one in desert camo, one in urban camo, another in something like USAF air superiority gray, and the rest are in nice bright flying circus colors. Used some Metallizer and fluorescent colors in addition to the usual acrylics and/or enamels.

(I originally posted this stuff at my other blog, but those image files were a bit large. I resampled them so they're a quarter the linear size and about 15% the file size. The images are just as good. As I mentioned in the previous post, it seems the Samsung PL20 produces images with so much noise that the 14 Mp resolution only have about 1Mp of picture information.)

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